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Sewage Treatment Plants

We have tested the Rotating Biological Contactor-Packed Media Technology (RBC-PMT) as the main equipment for a Pilot Demonstration Activity being funded by Asian Development Bank (ADB). This test-project raised integrated sewerage treatment to new heights. The project is a challenge to a culture that promotes throwing away anything into the sink before it gets into the sea. Practically, in the RBC-PMT system we are installing a Sewage Treatment Plant without the benefit or need of a pre-treatment (unless this is warranted by the quality of wastewater). And even when pre-treatment is needed, we have a corresponding solution.

The absence of pre-treatment in the RBC-PMT technology has failed to undermine its performance and efficiency. In fact, this is one unique feature of the technology. Its success in the industry has overhauled traditional mindsets about wastewater treatment today. Through this technology we have discovered that even an unregulated combined sewage can be treated at the lowest possible cost with high efficiency levels. We have also demonstrated that it can be operated in the middle of a populated or well developed area. We have seen how the technology can be of advantage to the local vendors and be of service to them through a community-based cooperative of vendors in the public market setting. The story behind the market vendor’s cooperative is a successful collaboration between the people, government, non-government agency and the technology provider. A detailed description of the whole success story behind the project can be found in the following website:

The example cited above is only one of the numerous testimonies to the technology’s success. The RBC-PMT technology have been tested in the most challenging situations arising from combined sewage coming from untreated residential, commercial sewage and partially treated industrial wastewater. For these technological accomplishments we pride ourselves with the lowest capital cost per unit volume with the highest achievable level of treatment efficiency. This is our contribution to society, to the environment.

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