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Rental Wastewater Treatment Facility

One of the numerous hindrances in the installation of a wastewater treatment facility is budgetary limitations. To address this problem we have devised a way to overcome this difficulty. Our clients who are faced with this problem have the option to rent the equipment on a monthly basis. By doing this, we are bringing wastewater treatment to the next level. Doing so also means that we spare our clients the possibility of a large capital outlay. Attached to the rental scheme is the option to request us to operate and maintain the equipment while it is being rented. In this arrangement the client is spared the hassle of having to check on the performance of the equipment and its efficiency.

Our mobile treatment units are the most sought after rent-ready wastewater treatment equipment in the country today. Mounted on a transportable trailer, it can be moved to the site where treatment of wastewater has to be done. The unit includes cyclonic grease stripping columns and filtration tanks. These rental units are gradually changing the concept of wastewater treatment. Sometimes these units perform as a pilot plant for new and untested wastewater never previously treated by the Rotating Biological Contactor.

The more familiar reasons of clients we can cite for the need to rent may include the following: Seasonal needs, lack of space, temporary status of operation or no capital budget. These are just a few of the demands that require the use of transportable rental RBC units. When requested by clients we fabricate these mobile RBC units with footprints of about 15 sq. meters to treat 40 cubic meters of wastewater.



By: Jesselito V. Baring


In the business of renting equipments, a wastewater treatment facility or a sewage treatment plant may not be considered rent-ready since it is normally fixed and stationary in traditional installations. Besides, these are usually huge in sizes. Rent-ready equipments should pass certain size requirements. It should also be transportable by conventional means from one destination to the next. It should have an effective and efficient space to volume ratio. The development of the Rotating Biological Contactor Packed Media Technology (RBC-PMT) in the Philippines has secured these characteristics.

The Locally made Rotating Biological Contactor Packed Media Technology (RBC-PMT) for wastewater treatment has satisfied the characteristic requirements for a Rent-ready equipment. It can be transported using a conventional transport system. For the last 8 years, a few transportable RBC-PMT units have been made and two units have been rented out. Recently, some new transportable RBC-PMT units have been installed in various establishments all over the Philippines with treated wastewater passing regulatory standards. The latest RBC transportable unit is installed at the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) central office in Manila. DENR is the central regulating agency of the Philippine government.

The success story behind the RBC-PMT is etched in the experience of environmental consulting and design. The system evolved from a micro business enterprise and was produced on a per-order basis. Marketing relied only on referrals and recommendations. A few units have been produced since then. However, the experience that it has gathered through 12 years of its existence and the strong regulatory requirement from government makes the equipment ripe for full scale investment and marketing. The most unique feature of the RBC-PMT is its sleek design which makes it available for rent schemes. Presently, one RBC-PMT unit had been running for the last 5 years under this scheme. The demand for wastewater treatment and the appropriate technology is now ready. With the right attitude and investment, it can move on and be of service to people.


More than 95% of government or private institutions and establishment in the Philippines are not served by an STP or a WTF. The Clean Water Act (RA 9275) mandates that all establishments should connect to a central wastewater treatment plant. In its absence, an individual entity may establish individual facilities. In the Case filed by Atty Oposa against the Government of the Philippines for polluting Manila Bay, the Supreme Court ruled that the government should clean up Manila Bay. The clean-up will entail massive infrastructure in the Metro Manila Area. Only about 7 % is connected to a sewage treatment facility. There are lots of things to be done. Lack of funds is the major problem. The proliferation of quick services restaurants, no matter how small, constitutes the other side of the problem. The presence of these small enterprises appears to be minimal but their cumulative effect to the environment will be damaging to the environment. The problem is immense while it is almost impossible to fund it all. It requires the cheapest alternative solution available to solve the current problem nagging the whole country today.

From these considerations, an appropriate action is necessary. There is a huge demand for an effective and low cost wastewater treatment facility. If the price of wastewater treatment remains prohibitive, everybody will continue to defy the Law and the Court. Right now, economic survival is the priority, although health and environment is not far behind. But the signs of the times are calling for drastic measures to consider environmental issues in the national agenda at par with economic needs.


The Capital cost of purchasing an RBC installation is cheaper when compared to a conventional system. However, it still doesn’t come handy for the establishment to install one. The proposal for a treatment system will be taken up as a capital expenditure on the part of the client. This could take a long time for approval or to wait for the next budget submission. There will be a long waiting time (for a year or two) for the budget to be approved by management.

This presentation reiterates that the Rental of the wastewater treatment facility is the most affordable means available in the market today to combat water pollution. Installation of the unit only requires a minimal capital cost. This rental approach is a win-win situation for the government, business and the community as a whole. The client will only have to spend for an operation expense which is normally feasible in mid-level management decision-making without even requiring a new budget item approval.

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