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Operation and Maintenance

Operating a stand alone facility like our treatment system brings a lot of challenge. Normally, most designers are not prepared to do it or sometimes are faced with very costly prospects to have it done “in-house”. With these considerations in mind, we offer our services to operate and maintain the treatment facilities that we have installed. Our years of experience give us the edge and confidence to operate and provide the best treatment for your specific wastewater issues. We are sharing this confidence with you as we build mutual trust and partnerships to clean our environment. Indeed it is our pride to be operating a system which is truly our own – a Filipino ingenuity.

Henceforth, sustaining our technology’s operation, operating it and maintaining will be our commitment to you. However, our clients may choose to operate the system themselves or hire our services to do the dirty job of handling their wastewater. In the services (as applied to individual and common installations) that we offer, we also see to it that our clients are able to meet regulatory standards implemented by government agencies. We believe that the mark of a truly efficient system is when it passes regulatory standards without having to pretend. We look forward to this partnership with you.

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