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Designing has made this company what is it today. Our design have surpassed conventional practice by expanding the usefulness of the Rotating Biological Contactor Packed Media (RBC-PMT) from being a polishing unit in sewage treatment plants into becoming the heart of a new wastewater treatment system for domestic, industrial, agricultural and commercial wastes. The combination of design and experience has opened up for the industries we serve new frontiers in the field of wastewater treatment.

Through our designing capabilities, we have converted several failing systems into our well-oiled functioning systems through our technology. We usually do this by helping our clients utilize their available facilities and fit these using our technology. It also means that we maximize available spaces in the midst of previously built-up facilities. We are the only company that can provide the option to resuscitate an old and failed treatment system by correcting the design problems and infusing the necessary technical improvements.

We have underground or above-ground designs as well as overhead installations. We also make available a transportable and mobile system which is lightweight and easy to handle. We always find a way to provide the best options possible given our client’s space and budget.

Hence, when making design preparations we deem it best to consider first our client’s space. For us every small space available can be big enough to start a treatment plant design. As the space requires it, we can move up or go sideward to address your needs. A highly congested urban area will always be a potential treatment site for us. Since our system is modular, we offer capabilities not usually expected from wastewater treatment companies. Ultimately we design to serve our client’s needs with the best buy in treatment technology.

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